Ductless HVAC Services


More and more people around the world are ditching traditional heaters and air conditioners for more energy efficient systems. One of the most popular replacements for conventional systems is the ductless mini-split. At Eldridge AC & Heat, Inc., we can take care of your ductless AC needs.

The Flexibility of Ductless Mini-Splits

Some homes simply don’t have the room to install all of the bulky ductwork that goes along with a conventional unit. For homeowners who face this issue, ductless heating and AC offers a terrific solution.


These versatile devices can be used to heat your entire home, or they can be used to supplement an existing system. Some examples of how you could use ductless systems include:


  • Correcting hot or cold spots
  • Creating a climate-controlled garage
  • New home additions and conversions
  • Basement build-outs or remodels

Ductless Systems Offer Superior Efficiency


Since nearly half the energy used in a household goes toward heating and cooling, it’s easy to see why having an energy-efficient system is important. Using less energy translates directly into saving money every month on utilities. Traditional, ducted systems waste a good deal of energy on treating air that never reaches its intended destination, escaping through gaps and holes.


This is one reason ductless air conditioning is so incredibly efficient, but it also offers greater efficiency by allowing you to have more control. With a ductless system, you can control each zone independently, so you don’t have to waste energy heating and cooling rooms that you’re not using.

Quick Installation and Quiet Operation

Ductless units are extremely quiet and can usually be installed relatively quickly. If you live in Wharton, El Campo, Bay City, Needville, Richmond, Rosenberg, or the surrounding areas and you’re considering going ductless, give us a call today.